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ACT I - Biography

My name is Cameron Tevis, and I was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. I have always been a geek and proud of it. While all my friends enthusiastically talked about sports, I was always more interested in the arts, films, comic books and anime.

I attended college at the University of Arizona, where I received my BFA in Visual Communications. After graduating college, I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where I worked as a Graphic Designer for over 12 years. In that time, I had the opportunity to work with many great companies, from Fortune 500 companies to small locally-owned businesses.

During that time, I took the opportunity to explore other avenues of the arts and have dabbled in everything from acting, ballroom dancing, street dancing and deejaying to Production Design, illustration, and painting. Of course, I was better at some more than others but I loved it all.

I relocated to the Los Angeles area of California in 2012 where I did Production Design on, both, short films, and feature films. It was there I decided I wanted to tell stories of my own and not just through my art, but also through words. I have gone on to write comic books, short stories, short films, episodic television and feature films.

I recently started Greyspace Productions, Deeny Design Studios, and Aporian Comics.

Cameron and Producer Gale Anne Hurd

Cameron and the Writing Staff of Arrow, The Flash and DC Legends of Tomorrow

ACT II - Writing Projects

The following is a list of stories, screenplays, comics, skits or books that I have written or am currently writing.
If indicated, they can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format.

Currently, I have multiple projects in various stages of development in Film, Television, Comic Books and Books.


- Robotech: The Movie
- DC Universe vs. Dragonball Z: The Animated Movie - CLICK TO READ
- Atomic Shark
- The Last Wish
- Babyfood
- Serpent's Return
- Event Cycle
- Stargate: Endgame Movie - CLICK TO READ
- Confessions
- Untitled Dystopian Movie
- Untitled Possession Movie


- Arrow: Rags & Riches - CLICK TO READ (written as the third season premiere, features alternate introduction to Ragman and birth of Black Canary)
- The Flash: The Dark and the Light - CLICK TO READ (original introduction to Shade as well as introduction to Alan Scott Green Lantern of Earth 2)
- The Misadventures of Harley Quinn: Harley's Great Escape - CLICK TO READ
- Legacy (aka Illegal Aliens): Pilot
- 30k: Pilot
- Supernatural: Time Catches Up To Everyone - CLICK TO READ
- Castle: Fan Mail - CLICK TO READ

comic books

- Aquaman: Invasion
- DC Universe vs. Dragonball Z - CLICK TO READ
- Event Cycle 6 - Issue #1 AVAILABLE NOW! For more information CLICK HERE!!!
- Sekhem - Coming Soon! For more information CLICK HERE!
- Seed Saga
- Stargate: Endgame - CLICK TO READ
- Stargate/Battlestar Galactica Crossover
- Superman: History Lost
- Cyborg: Hacked
- Green Lantern: Contingency
- Nightwing: Resurgence
- Predator vs. Pumpkinhead

Note: The comic books "Event Cycle 6" and "Sekhem", which I also draw, are published through the Aporian Comics label. (available here)


- Superheroes: A Modern Religion (and Documentary)
- Racism in Media: Then & Now
- Monogamy, Marriage and Misery


- DC Comics News - Staff Writer - www.dccomicsnews.com
- Merc With a Movie Blog - Contributing Writer - www.mercwithamovieblog.com
- Production AZ Daily - Contributor - http://paper.li

short films

Pre-Production - Green Lantern: Out of the Darkness (short film)
Pre-Production - A Just War (short film)
Pre-Production - God Complex (short film)
Pre-Production - Scissors (short film)
Pre-Production - Shartnado (short film)
Pre-Production - Not Just a Number (short film)
2017 - Harley's Great Escape (trailer) (View Here)
2017 - Harley's Great Escape (short film) (View Here)
2016 - Stay Calm (short film) (View Here)
2016 - A Game of Cap and Mouse (short film) (View Here)
- Innocence (short film)
- The Power of Choice (short film)
- Children of the Dome (short film)
- The River (short film)
- Sithism (short film)
- Zombism (short film)

- Robot Chicken DC Special: Ask Me Anything (skit)
- Robot Chicken DC Special: Fly Like Superman (skit)
- Perfect Weight (skit)

- Rite of Passage (live action/animated short film)

- Reflections of the Past (short story) - To Be Posted Soon


For more information on me, Aporian Comics or Deeny Design you can check out my other websites or find me on social media.